Moorcroft Associates Ltd

Moorcroft Associates Ltd was founded in 2009 as the holding company, and administrative centre, for two existing enterprises, Moorcroft Market Research (MMR) and Applied Computing Expertise (ACE).

MMR, started in 1999, offers a full range of qualitative and quantative Market Research services, including groups, depths, face-to-face, on-line and video research, both in the UK and elsewhere. Clients range from major fmcg manufacturers to charities, and business start-ups to consultancies.

ACE was founded in 1983 to develop systems software and applications for the burgeoning Unix market, adopting Linux in 1993. ACE develops both applications and systems software for a wide range of clients, from multi-national companies to start-ups, and from government agencies to courier companies.

ACE has subsequently spawned a couple of specialised offshoots, the C Programmer Group, and the Linux Programmer Group.

Although small, both ACE and MMR have a large pool of consultants, out-workers and service suppliers upon whom we can call as necessary, and we operate on a world-wide scale with partners in Washington and Sydney, as well as across Europe.